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In Vitro

Effect of MK-7 on PGE-2 synthesis in bone forming osteoblasts
PGE-2 is a prostaglandin which acts as a potent stimulator of bone resorption involved in the regulation and turover of bone.

VitaMK7® was tested in a cell culture of bone forming osteoblasts.
Cells were activated with TNFa, a pro-inflammatory cytokine. The treatment with TNFa induces a high release of PGE-2 prostaglandin, a mediator of inflammation.
After activation the secreted PGE-2 levels were measured.


Co-incubation with vitaMK7® inhibits the PGE-2 release induced by TNFa. vitaMK7® is effective in inhibits PGE-2 production to levels comparable to baseline values.

In Vitro

Synergic effect of VitaMK7® and vitamin D3-induced osteogenesis
VitaMK7® and vitamin D3 have been tested separately and in combination in cultured human osteablats in vitro. The association of MK-7 to vitamin D3 has important osteo-inductive effects in relation to bone matrix mineralization through induction of osteocalcin synthesis and carboxylation.

Immuno-enzymatic determination of carboxylated OC cellular content


The study shows a synergic effect of the association MK-7/D3 with a rise of cOC in treated cells.
* VitaMK7® alone plays a major role in secretion of cOC and its consequent accumulation in the extracellular matrix.
** Treatment with vitamin D3 alone produces an intracellular accumulation of only partially carboxylated OC.

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