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Vitamin K2 stability linked with purity Profile, says a published study 

April 24th, 2019

A just released study in the “Molecules” Journal shows that higher purity profile of vitamin K2 as MK7 correlates with enhanced stability in formulations and this could explain title discrepancies found in finished products analyzed in the worldwide market in the last years.

Indeed, these discrepancies are at the origin of the inexhaustible debate on MK7 stability of the majority of MK7 ingredient producers and of finished dietary supplements manufacturers.
The study compared the purity profiles of different raw materials and the results were related to stability assay in normal (12months/25°C/60%RH) and accelerated conditions (6 months/40°C/75% RH) in order to test their performance in presence of different common excipients. In particular, two naturally fermented MK7 and a synthetic one, all commercially available, were used.

Data highlighted that different purity profiles corresponded to different stability profiles, where pure products generally show the highest stability. Moreover, the study explains that patterns of instability could be associated with types of MK7 characterized by different purity profiles.

The study also reinforce the concept that MK7 materials, which equally comply to minimal assay and composition characteristics as detailed by the official USP quality standard for dietary ingredients, may be different in terms of their purity profiles due to the presence of cis isomers and other impurities.


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