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The Newsletter VitaMK7® PULSE has restarted !

February 8th, 2019

Dear reader,

we are pleased to announce the release of the 1st issue of VitaMK7® PULSE of year 2019 !

VitaMK7® PULSE is the Newsletter dedicated to our product vitaMK7® and to the world of vitamin K2 as MK7. Our aim is to share with you the latest research in this field, the new scientific data available, and to provide you with a set of tools always new and complete, clear and ready to use.

VitaMK7® is the only European fermented vitamin K2 as MK7 of natural origin, developed in our European cGMP manufacturing site, under a tightly controlled supply chain.

If you do not know VitaMK7® and our products yet, you have one more reason to register to VitaMK7® PULSE, which is just one of the many services that we offer to customers to build their knowledge & business!

Sign up soon and join our network to be part of this special community and not to miss a single issue of our Newsletters, now signed Gnosis by Lesaffre.


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