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At CPhI Worldwide, discover VitaMK7®: the optimal source of Vitamin K2

October 11th, 2018

Welcome to the last day of CPhI Worldwide, the tradeshow with a wide offer of pharmaceutical solutions from all the world, which opened its doors in Madrid (Spain) last October 9th, attracting thousands of professionals from the pharmaceutical industry. 

Among the entire range of products, Gnosis has chosen to share with its visitors one of its masterpieces: VitaMK7®, a product of proven effectiveness, offered by Gnosis to support bones and the cardiovascular health.

VitaMK7® is an optimal source of Vitamin K2, thanks to its many features.

First of all, it is all natural, deriving from the bio-fermentation process of the Bacillus subtilis natto (used for hundreds of years to produce natto, the Japanese food with the highest absolute content of natural vitamin K2 as MK7). No other types of Bacillus are used by Gnosis, and thanks to its natural manufacturing and purification process the final product obtained has a high content of MK7 active isomer (>99% all-trans) and a pure profile.  

All these features positively affects the stability of vitaMK7®  (4 years at room temperature) and minimizes the cross- reactions with the other substances included, making vitaMK7® stable also in formulations.

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