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Fermented VitaMK7®, the only with 4 years of stability

October 9th, 2018

The primary purity of an active ingredient affects its stability, because it minimizes the cross- reactions with other substances included in the material offered, even in very small quantities. 

VitaMK7®, the fermented vitamin K2 as MK7, thanks to its very high purity profile with more than 99% of all-trans MK7 assay, and no unknown impurities, offers the more extended stability in the global market, with 4 years at room temperature granted in the product specification, and supported by the routinely stability tests carried out on the batches produced.

VitaMK7® also demonstrates a good stability after a short-light exposure, with remarkable assay recovery, supporting even more that “the more the product is pure, the more it is stable”. 

As a rule, synthetic vitamins K2 show high levels of impurities and - as a consequence - the lowest purity profiles that cannot support the same long periods of shelf-life of vitaMK7®.

Choose the purest vitamin K2, choose the most stable!


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