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Gnosis event in Guangzhou: Know the speakers

September 10th, 2018

Gnosis workshop entitled "vitaMK7®: beyond vitamin K2. Reveal on purity, stability & health benefits” is about to begin (on September 13th) and many appointments have been scheduled on that day, including the interesting speeches by three experts of vitamin K2 as MK7. In brief:

At 14h30 Luca Tiano: K2 as MK7 - Technical overview on quality, purity and efficacy;
At 15h10 Yuming Chen: K2 as MK7 - Focus on bone health;
At 16h00 Luca Tiano: K2 as MK7 - Focus on cardiovascular health;
At 16h40 Silvia Pisoni: K2 as MK7 - Global market – New developments;

This is the first seminar held by Gnosis in China in collaboration with the HealthCare Food Profession Association of Guangdong Province focused on vitamin K2.

The event will be a great opportunity for our guests to learn the emerging role of vitamin K2 as a key factor in bone and cardiovascular health and discover the advantages of  Gnosis VitaMK7®, the natural, pure and stable form of vitamin K2 as MK7, produced by Gnosis in its European manufacturing site.

We are ready to welcome all participants in Guangzhou. In the meantime, read the short presentation of our experts!


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