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VitaMK7®: naturally stable also in formulation

July 18th, 2018

Last year Gnosis launched the “Stability study Project” on vitaMK7®, when formulated with different mineral salts.  

New data - 12 months at room temperature, with Calcium Citrate, Calcium Carbonate and Arginine - have just been disclosed showing a remarkable stable profile.

In formulation, vitaMK7® shows an optimal stability with the different calcium salts, without any coating increasing non-natural substances.  A pure and stable MK7 ingredient like vitaMK7® minimizes the cross-reactions with other ingredients/excipients included in a formulation for the whole shelf life of the product, and offers extended warranty of stability.  

Generally, both synthetic-derived MK7 and poor production method of fermentation-derived MK7 increase the impurity content of the raw material contributing to a more unstable chemical behavior in formulations. The use of solvents in the production process can also degrade the product and produce further impurities. As such, with a high level of impurities, K2-plus-mineral products are likely to miss K2 label claim.

A newly published analytical study proposing a novel method for separating and measuring impurities in finished products with MK7 emphasizes that: “…The occurrence of a large quantity of cis/trans isomers in supplements is likely connected with the use of preparations containing synthetic MK-7 ….” (Szterk A et al.  Analysis of Menaquinone-7 Content and Impurities in Oil and Non-Oil Dietary Supplements. Molecules 2018, 23, 1056)


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