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New chart on stability of vitamin K2 as vitaMK7®

DESIO, Italy - June 11th, 2018

Thanks to the clean profile, vitaMK7® shows excellent stability data – 4 years at room temperature - and remarkable assay recovery to short time light exposure (48h) of approximately 93%, the real stability issue. 

Also in formulation, vitaMK7® shows an optimal stability with different calcium salts without any coating which increases non-natural substances.  In the entire analytical tests, the Official USP assay method for Menaquinone-7 was applied.

Generally, impurities are characteristics of both synthetic-derived MK7 and poor production method of fermentation-derived MK7. The use of solvents in the production process can also degrade the product and produce further impurities.

As such, with a high level of impurities, K2-plus-mineral products are likely to miss K2 label claim.

Watch the chart showing the stability of Gnosis vitamin K2 as MK7:


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