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Internet community: have you already discovered our Social Wall?

DESIO, Italy - March 12th, 2018

While browsing our corporate website, have you had the pleasure to explore the page dedicated to social networks? 

Imagine a sort of window on the nutraceutical and biopharmaceutical world, where all contents uploaded by Gnosis through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are grouped on a single screen and can be monitored all together…

This is our Social Wall, a page perfectly in line with our spirit: innovative, constantly updated, always looking for new ways to improve people's life.

Everything shared by Gnosis is instantly collected on this page: release of news, invitations to health events, publications of recent studies, issuance of new videos, sharing of images and words that allow people to reflect... 

Would you like a tip? Stay updated through our Social Wall and interact with it by tweeting, commenting and sharing!


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