Discover the innovative support of Gnosis by Lesaffre: we offer a real marketing support to our vitaMK7®, the natural and stable vitamin K2 as MK7. Discover new updates, brochures, infographics, studies and pills that could help your business grow.


You are invited to join us at VITAFOODS VIRTUAL EXPO

August 25th, 2020

During next event, the VITAFOODS VIRTUAL EXPO, we will share with you a taste of our fully integrated brand.

At the heart of our new brand strategy is our continued focus on microorganisms and the biotransformation processes they use to develop the products you rely on us for: probiotics, nutritional yeasts, actives, and more. Your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products truly embody what motivates our everyday: putting life to work. 

With microbial biotransformation, we use what’s alive so that customers thrive.

Join us during Vitafoods week to discover our solutions and take a dive into the renewed Gnosis world.



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