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Discover the new food experience signed Gnosis by Lesaffre

September 13th, 2019

During FIA 2019 - the leading food and beverage event taking place the current week in the Southeast Asian regions - Gnosis by Lesaffre showed its customers a new development.

Along with other Lesaffre's Business Units, we prepared a daily menu combining some of our best ingredients with food to create incredible recipes, tasty and at the same time excellent from a nutritional point of view.

Nutritional Yeast - the traditional superfoodvitaMK7® - the natural vitamin K2 as MK7Emothion® - the effective in body form of glutathione: did you have the opportunity to try them mixed with food?

This is indeed a new real opportunity that Gnosis by Lesaffre offers its customers to improve health and wellbeing in a unique and easy way.


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