Natural vitamin K2 from fermentation vitaMK7® vs. synthetic K2


At Gnosis by Lesaffre, we are proud that both the source and the fermentation manufacturing process used to produce vitaMK7® are natural.

Natural vitaMK7® from fermented natto:

Source: vitaMK7®comes from a unique natural source of K2, the bacteria Bacillus subtilis natto. The strain is proprietary and isolated from commercial natto food from Japan.

Manufacturing: Our production relies on a patented natural fermentation of our strain of Bacillus subtilis natto and purification. Only natural ingredients are used in the production process.

Some players on the market use geraniol & farnesol as a source for their K2 and have different production process than fermentation:

Synthetic K2 from geraniol and farnesol:

Source: Geraniol and Farnesol are commonly used but it is not sure that they have a natural plant origin. Indeed, they are usually extracted with solvent or through chemical modification.

Manufacturing: Production is based on an organic synthesis which is a synthetic process.

Using geraniol and farnesol is not natural as it requires hazardous chemicals and solvents, and several steps of synthesis and purification in between in order to get rid of the undesired “non-related substances”. These non-related substances may still be present in the finished product, depending on the purification grade, and include chemicals such as palladium, cerium nitrate, silica…

In conclusion, the fermentation process is better as it is the only one that provides a natural vitamin K2. This is commonly recognized by scientific experts. And this justifies why major suppliers in the vitamin industry favor natural vitamin K2 from fermentation.