Gnosis by Lesaffre LinkedIn page is up and running!


Gnosis by Lesaffre has opened the official LinkedIn page, where we are sharing all about new clinical studies, updates on facilities and certifications, innovations about our products and our locations, corporate communications and so on.

2020 will be a year full of challenges and amazing achievements that we love to share with you.

Supporting you with high-quality ingredients and tools is our main goal, and social media can be the best way to always be connected with you and listen to your needs.

We want also to inform you that the old LinkedIn page “Gnosis S.p.A.” will be deactivated on February 28th, to let the new one become the unique and only reference for Gnosis by Lesaffre partners.

Are you already following us? Do not miss the latest scientific updates on the food industry, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical worlds and be social!

Linkeding Page Gnosis By Lesaffre