Discover the innovative support of Gnosis by Lesaffre: we offer a real marketing support to our vitaMK7®, the natural and stable vitamin K2 as MK7. Discover new updates, brochures, infographics, studies and pills that could help your business grow.



VitaMK7® exclusively manufactured by Gnosis, is the active isomer of natural Vitamin K2 with the highest bioavailability and longest half-life in the blood.

VitaMK7 provides natural vitamin K2 as a fermentation extract whereby vitamin K2 is manufactured using Bacillus subtilis.

Gnosis' natural Vitamin K2 is obtained through a patented biofermentation process of Bacillus subtilis spp natto
[US Patent No. 7,718,407] without using potential dangerous solvents and allergens.

A total absence of solvents is guaranteed by the advanced technologies of purification used, which include extraction by a proprietary «supercritical CO2» technology.

Supercritical CO2 extraction allows:

  • MK-7 with a purity of all trans isomer higher than 99%
  • Preservation of the original biological structure of the active molecule
  • Avoiding (photo)-oxidative modifications maintaining the all-trans structure of the side chain

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