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VitaMK7® bioavailability in single dose oral administration in healthy volunteers

Pharmacokinetic profile following a single dose administration of vitaMK7® in healthy volunteers

AUC values following a single oral dose administration of vitaMK7® in healthy volunteers


MK-7 plasmatic levels raised significantly following the administration of vitaMK7®.
The long half-life of MK-7 contained in vitaMK7® in blood is confirmed by the plasmatic levels measured at 24 h.
These values are comparable with those reported in literature (Schurgers et al., Blood 2007) for a menaquinone 7 single oral administration.

Gnosis' clinical trials

Supplementation with MK7 enriched olive oil resulted in a significant and dose-dependent increase in plasma levels. The high dose significantly increased cOC and decreased uOC plasma levels, resulting in a significant increase in the cOC:ucOC ratio, a well recognized index of the functionality of osteocalcin.

Ref: F. Brugé, T. Bacchetti, F. Principi, G.P. Littarru and L. Tiano. Olive oil supplemented with Menaquinone-7 significantly affects osteocalcin carboxylation. British Journal of Nutrition 2011, 1-5

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