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Optimum calcium level is required for healthy life, for effecting cell function, bone structure, blood clotting, and neural transmission whereas calcification in cellular tissues is a sign of tissue damage, cellular aging and a risk of associated injury in several structures and organs.

Calcium overview

Calcium homeostasis depends on the interplay of modulator compounds of which vitamin K2 as MK-7 has assumed a vital and key role in the last decades. The other equally important modulator is Vitamin D, the sole factor stimulating intestinal calcium absorption.

With low levels of vitamin K2 there are a simultaneous lack of calcium in the bone and an increased concentration in the blood. This accumulation can lead to calcification in the vessel wall of our arteries with clinical relevant consequences, such as cardiovascular accidents and bone fractures.

This happens because the action of Vitamin K2 is impaired: vitamin K2 as MK-7 does not activate enough calcium-regulating vitamin-K2 dependent proteins, such as osteocalcin - making it able to put calcium in the bones - and the vascular protein MGP - which inhibits arterial calcification.

Additionally Vitamin D also acts increasing the production of vitamin K2-dependent proteins, thereby rising the body’s demand of vitamin K2.

Calcium overview

The strength connection between calcium and vitamin K2 has been described in the so called "calcium paradox" where the highest rates of hip fractures occur in the countries with the highest calcium consumption.

As defined by EFSA in the “Scientific Opinion on Dietary Reference Values for calcium” just published (May 2015), hypercalcaemia is unlikely to occur with high intake of calcium from the diet alone but can be caused by high-dose calcium supplements, especially when accompanied by vitamin D supplements, as these can increase calcium absorption.

Natural Vitamin K2 as MK-7 and vitamin D must work in combination to keep calcium in the right places and having plenty of natural vitamin K2 as MK-7 in the body enables us to profit from calcium and vitamin D like never before.

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